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Admin Code1

This is the Admin Code1 page list. You can click the title to browse the detail information.
Country Code Admin 1 Code Name ASCII Name Geoname ID
KN15Trinity Palmetto PointTrinity Palmetto Point3575114
KN13Saint Thomas Middle IslandSaint Thomas Middle Island3575164
KN12Saint Thomas LowlandSaint Thomas Lowland3575165
KN11Saint Peter BasseterreSaint Peter Basseterre3575168
KN10Saint Paul CharlestownSaint Paul Charlestown3575171
KN09Saint Paul CapesterreSaint Paul Capesterre3575172
KN08Saint Mary CayonSaint Mary Cayon3575173
KN07Saint John FigtreeSaint John Figtree3575175
KN06Saint John CapesterreSaint John Capesterre3575176
KN05Saint James WindwaSaint James Windwa3575177
KN04Saint George GingerlandSaint George Gingerland3575179
KN03Saint George BasseterreSaint George Basseterre3575180
KN02Saint Anne Sandy PointSaint Anne Sandy Point3575183
KN01Christ Church Nichola TownChrist Church Nichola Town3575476